What Is Included in a Dumpster Rental Estimate?

A lot of people ask what’s really included in the estimate when quoted a price on a dumpster rental. Well, to make things simple, what you’re given is what you’re going to pay.  

But, there might be extra fees that might apply in particular conditions. Thus, it is crucial to be wary of these extra fees to make sure you only pay the quoted price.  

Here are several things that you have to know when renting a dumpster for your dumpster rental Miami job. 

Possible Extra Fees 

  • Dumpster Permit – If the dumpster is to be placed in the public right-of-way, you will have to get a dumpster permit.  
  • Fee for long-distance Move – If your area falls outside the service area of the service provider, there are cases where you’ll be accountable for paying fuel fees or other similar charges. 
  • Penalty for loading illegal items – The fee depends on what you load.  
  • Daily late fees – If you keep the dumpster longer than the rental period, you will have to pay $15 up to $25 a day.  
  • Overweight Fees – If your load exceeds the given weight allowance, you’ll have to pay $40 up to $110 per ton. 

You can prevent spending money from every single one of these fees with proper planning ahead of time. With this, you will get the most out of your money.  

Average Cost of Dumpster Rental 

Rates differ pretty greatly depending on the area. For example, the price of dumpster rental in Miami, Florida can cost much less compared to renting a similar size dumpster in New York City.  

Several dumpster rental firms provide various structures for their pricing. For instance, several firms charge you by weight, like $120 per ton. Several other firms charge by the space that the debris takes up in the trailer or dumpster.  

Since you only spend money ultimately for the amount of debris or waste disposed of, these pricing structures could be an excellent thing. To make things simple, unless you fill to its complete capacity, you do not pay for the entire dumpster.  

However, you should still be cautious of possible extra charges to prevent being a victim of an increased bill.  

Getting the Best Deal  

You will have to contact at least 2 up to 3 local dumpster rental companies to ask for the rental period duration, types of debris allowed, container availability, and quotes if you want to get the perfect deal. With these details, you can then compare the dumpster rental service providers to know which one fits your needs the best.  

Ask for a Written Quote 

You should always get the written details, just like in any kind of major contract. Oftentimes, dumpster rental firms are willing to negotiate on the rental period duration or the price. However, there isn’t any proof that any agreement was ever done if you do not get these terms in a written form. That is why it is best to ask the dumpster rental company for a written quote before signing a contract.